Priamax Male Enhancement Ingredients Our bodies are such incredibly

Priamax Male Enhancement Ingredients  Our bodies are such incredibly diverse and complex tools that, surprisingly, we have yet to even make a dent in understanding all the processes that occur within them. In terms of exercise and progression we can view adaption in two different lights which we will investigate further in this article. Adaption can both be a welcome and an unwelcome process, but with the use of an intelligent, scientifically designed training and nutritional program we can turn our natural self defence mechanism to our advantage and start paving the way to making unprecedented progress.

Adaption To Resistance Training

If a muscle is stressed within tolerable limits, it adapts and improves its function. This what we are aiming for when we train, we want to stress the body so as it improves its capacity to exercise, this will, depending on the type of exercise performed, result in the goals we are aiming for, it may be hypertrophy, increased lung capacity, muscular endurance, power or any goal between. However the stress we apply to the muscles must be of an appropriate level, an insufficient level of stress to overload muscles will occur in no adaption at all, Priamax Male Enhancement therefore rendering the workout pointless. On the other hand too much stress for the muscle to handle may result in injury or even overtraining, which then leaves you unable to train, this will bring us to one of the major factors of adaption, reversibility. There are 3 major factors that determine the rate and type of adaption, Overload, Specificity and Reversibility. Each of these should be addressed and individually tailored to your goal when designing any form of program.


This is fairly self-explanatory on the surface of it, the muscles must have enough tension placed on them during a contraction or a workout to sufficiently overload the muscles, causing small microtears in the muscle belly. This forces the body to repair and adapt so as it can handle the workout when it is next performed, leading us to the belief that each workout needs to increase in intensity in order to make continuous progress. This is known as progressive overload, and is absolutely vital to ensure you’re creating the stimulus needed to keep your training moving forward.

In an ideal world we would be able to progressively increase the intensity of our workouts every single time, however, even discounting the risks of injury and overtraining, our bodies actually adapt to the same movement patterns and exercises very quickly, so this soon becomes counter productive and is how our bodies ability to adapt actually hinders our training.

In order to overcome this we have to introduce a process called periodization. Periodization varies the volume and intensity of the exercises so the nature of the stress placed on the muscle frequency changes. There are many, many variables that can be changed during your training in order to prevent your body adapting, however, periodization is so important, it deserves a whole article to itself.

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