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Buy Zyntix First and foremost arms have to have their very own day in your training split. They are worked as an accessory muscle on chest, shoulder and back day however being worked as an accessory doesn’t even come close to attaining full muscular contraction and therefore does not optimally engage the biceps, triceps or forearms for full growth potential.

I will note however that they are still worked as accessory muscles on your chest, shoulder and back day, so my professional recommendation is to have your arm day on the day after legs or a rest day in order to give them adequate recovery time. (About 48 hours is more than enough time for a recovery period)

An essential part of arm training that is often neglected or overlooked is training the forearms. Two muscles that are a huge part of building aesthetically pleasing arms are the brachialis and brachioradialis, both of which are forearm muscles.

One of the simplest ways to activate the forearms throughout a bicep or tricep movement is to utilize fat grips either through portable clip on grips, or an Olympic fat bar (If neither of these options are available at your gym, then there are a Zyntix variety of affordable options online). As well as training the forearms, it is also important to hit the triceps and biceps from a variety of different angles in order to fully contract each muscle head and attain maximum hypertrophy effect.

An example of this is performing a supernation when curling a dumbbell to work your biceps or performing a pronation when extending the dumbbell behind you on a kickback to work your triceps. (Have your arms down by your side; palms facing in towards your thigh is neutral, rotate out so your palm is facing forward is supernation and rotate the other way so that your palm is facing behind you is pronation) Performing a variety of sets with neutral, pronated and supernated movements are essential in building bigger, stronger, aesthetically pleasing arms.

Probably the most important factor in building bigger arms is going through a FULL range of movement. The reason I say this is important is because I see people every day in the gym performing arms exercises with only a partial range of movement and therefore not attaining optimal results.

An example of a FULL range of movement for a preacher curl would be: for the start of the move, have your arm completely straight with the elbow almost feeling like its hyper extended and the back of your arm lying flush down the pad (ensure your elbow isn’t past the bottom end of the pad).

Bring the bar or dumbbell up towards your face whilst keeping the back of your arm against the pad. Keeping that arm against the pad, try and create the smallest angle possible with the inside of your elbow joint and at the very top of the move pause for a second and squeeze to exaggerate the contraction, then slowly release away from you and concentrate on a slow and controlled eccentric (negative) movement back to the starting position.

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